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Welcome to my world!

My name is Sabrina Lazure and I am a geographer, cartographer, artisan (and woodworker).

Being human on a gnarled adventure, I found my nature while walking in Iceland. I studied environmental physical geography and specialized in cartography. I have worked for many years serving clients going on their adventures helping them find the perfect card.


I have always worked with my hands (wood, earth, colours, etc.) and I find that cartography is halfway between the science of the Earth and the art that represents it. For me, cartography is the drawing that represents the landscape, the ultimate tool for understanding your world, the image that makes you dream of adventures before you even set foot there. ​


Credit: Wix Image Bank


My goal is to help you see the world with a geographer's eye so you can discover and love it.


The more we understand, the more we love, and the more we respect our Nature. Because humans are part of the ecosystem, and must find their place, without leaving traces.

Long Road vide

Credit: Wix Image Bank

Sabrina Lazure, B.Sc.

I'm the creature in charge, from conception to shipping.

I strive to always do my best to meet your needs so that your life continues to be a great adventure.


happy on a volcano.

Sabrina Lazure


My assistant.


His full name is

Mr. Einstein Squidly

said the Boudou.

Always looking for the perfect hug. He's a continuous purring ball of love. With a vivid imagination, every day is a new adventure!



Maps to go on an adventure and explore!

Whether hiking or on your land.

​ * Standard topographic maps also available on order.


Wall maps offer you multiple options whether for decoration, travel souvenirs, organizing your company or your territory, having a new vision of the world or understanding humanity.

Different finishing options are available for your maps and posters. Whether for temporary or permanent display.


Whether you would like to change the colours, the size, the scale, make an addition or any other modification on one of the products of the store do not hesitate to communicate with me, it is often possible to make a change with a slight supplement.


I can help you find the perfect map, whether it's one of mine or not.


Tell me what you need.

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