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Decorative map of administrative Canada, 2022 edition. Contains all the basic information necessary to locate yourself in Canada, while leaving room for you to add your own landmarks.



  • Cities and capitals
  • Roads, railways and ferries
  • International, states, provinces and territories borders
  • Canada's 200 nautical mile limits
  • The most important rivers and water bodies
  • Permanent snow and ice
  • Water depths surrounding Canada (bathymetry)
  • Names of the main water basins
  • Graticule at 15° latitude/longitude
  • Polar Circle
  • The international date line
  • True North


Scale 1:9,000,000


Projection NAD83 (CSRS) / Canada Atlas Lambert


Available in French.


Data is from the most recent databases from the Government of Canada, 2019-2020. Source data is at a scale of 1:15,000,000


This wall map is rolled. If you would like a folded copy, please indicate so clearly in the "add note" box in the shopping cart.


If you wish to make a batch purchase, buy for resale or if you need modifications on the map, contact me to see the possibilities.

Administrative map of Canada - Greige

PriceFrom C$37.00
  • Size

    H24 x W27 in (60.96 x 68.58 cm)




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