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Minimalist decorative maps of inhabited places in Quebec. Part of the Minima collection: everything that makes a complete geographical map, in a clean style. This map shows how vast Quebec is and that the population is concentrated in the lowlands of the St. Lawrence and on the coast. A starting point for great conversations during your next evening with friends. Several choices of images available to complement your decor. If you have an image that you would like to obtain outside of the proposed choice, do not hesitate to contact with me for a submission.


Choice of color, size and language.



  • Quebec
  • The inhabited places
  • The most important rivers and water bodies
  • The direction of True North
  • The scale and the legend


Variable scale.


Projection NAD83 (CSRS) / Quebec Lambert


Available in French and in English.


Data is from the most recent databases from the Government of Canada, 2020. Images are from Pexels.


This wall map is rolled. If you would like a folded copy, please indicate so clearly in the "add note" box in the shopping cart.


If you wish to make a batch purchase, buy for resale or if you need modifications on the map, contact me to see the possibilities.

Map of inhabited Quebec